At integrated Metal Products we work hard to continuously improve and employ the latest technology in metal processing to better serve our customers. Our Waterjet department in our manufacturing service center contains the one of the largest waterjet systems in the Southeast to offer the highest versatility of waterjet cutting services for you. Read further to see how this service can benefit you and your company's product.

The Technology

When water is pressurized up to 87,000 pounds or more per square inch (psi) and forces through a tiny opening, it can cut a variety of soft materials including various metals, glass, and wood.

Our Equipment

At our facility we house the following Flow Waterjet systems to accommodate almost any size of material.


We house the Flow WMC2 Hyperjet 13' x 20' cutting table for larger parts application, and the IFB Hyperjet 6' x 12' table for smaller parts application. This machine also has a dual cutting head for fast or high production. Pictures of both of these machines can be seen both in the top slide show as well as this pages gallery.

Cost Efficiency

The waterjet process offers production cost effectiveness that is unmatched by other methods of cutting. Coupled with the ability to produce at high speeds for faster production times, abrasive waterjets cut with erosion, rather that shearing or heat, so they produce exceptional edge quality without inducing heat-affected zones or mechanical stresses. Raw materials maintain their structural integrity; deburring and other secondary finishing are usually not required.

Why Choose Integrated Metal Products'

Water Jet Services?

Possibilities for your product


  • With our skilled and highly trained waterjet operators and engineers, we can analyze your product (at any stage) and its production path to help you decide if waterjet cutting is best for your product.


Higher quality. Higher Savings.

  •    Because Integrated's two abrasive waterjets cut with a narrow kerf and produce no heat, you can tightly nest parts to get the most from raw materials. At rates at  87,000 pounds of pressure PSI, this benefit also aids speed in production time.


 Unmatched versatility.


  • Our waterjets offer the versatility of cutting a variety of materials so that we may accommodate to the flat processing needs of any industry. Also, material can be cut a thicknesses from 1/16 inch to 8 inches.

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